Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions launches Green Benefits

At Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions we recognise that the pressures on the world's resources are increasing. By 2050 the worldwide demand for energy will increase by 50% (International Energy Agency). By 2030 the worldwide demand for food will increase by 50% (Food & Agriculture Organisation) and water by 30% (International Food Policy Research Institute).

At Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions we are launching the Green Benefits programme so that our customers can benefit from the best possible equipment whilst minimising their impact on the environment. All our equipment that meets the criteria of the Green Benefits programme carries the Green Benefits logo on any literature where this equipment appears.

The Green Benefits programme focuses on 4 key areas with an overall objective of making the category more attractive for the end retailer. Each key area has a Vision and Target of how it will deliver Green Benefits to our customers:

  • Rate of Sale
  • Operating Costs
  • Ease of Use
  • Purchase / Disposal

Listening to our customer feedback is key, and helps us to develop the next generation of equipment. We work closely with our equipment suppliers to continuously improve our products. These products are manufactured to a unique Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions specification to offer the maximum benefit to our customers.

We are proud of our products.

Green Benefits logo

The Green Benefits logo incorporates our 4 key areas of focus. We have outlined below the Vision for each of those areas.

For more information please call Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions on 0845 127 2527