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What's Inside Your Fridge?

monitor style fridge / freezer with CFCs

Ever since the first mechanical refrigeration unit was invented we have strived to find a suitable refrigerant. A chemical that has the desired thermal dynamic properties of; a boiling point below the target temperature that is trying to be achieved, a high heat of vaporization, a moderate density when liquid, a reasonably high density when gaseous and a high critical temperature...

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The Science Behind Ice Cream

none branded ice cream freezer

On a hot, sunny, summers day there is nothing better than a delicious cold ice cream, either in the superstore or by the beach we find it very difficult to pass the brightly coloured freezer without picking up our favourite flavour. Although you may think that this feeling or "impulse" to buy an ice cream is entirely your own...

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Keeping Ice Cream Fresh

Keeping ice cream fresh

Keeping ice cream fresh becomes more of a concern as we buy larger tubs and are unable to eat all of the ice cream at once. When we go back for second or third helpings of ice cream you may notice that is has formed a scaly skin on top which changes the ice cream's texture and flavour...

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